1960 Cadillac "Haunted" Hearse

This rare, original 1960 Cadillac Hearse has been in faithful service tor more than half a century.

With such a  long road of service, one may ask?

Is this Hearse Haunted?

When this vehicle wasn't transporting those less unfortunate to the cemetery, it doubled as an 

ambulance. Legend has it that on special occasions, such as "All Hallows Eve", when the moon is 

full. the Headless Hellbound Horseman drives his demonic ride up and down the local streets - searching for his next victim to deliver to the cemetery. 

Loaded with animatronics and special freights, this Haunted Hearse is an extension of our Haunted House located in Upstate New York. Be sure to check out the links below!

The Haunted Hearse is available for parties, Halloween, fright seeing and other ghoulish adventures.

Be sure to check us out featured in Newsday and News12 Long Island.

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